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Rapper Big Scar Dead at 22 Connected to Mall of America Shooting!

Sacrificed by Gucci Mane!

Post any Screen shots in the comments below letting us know of the censorship please! If it doesn't let you, Just email me and put #censor in subject line,

If we were not speaking the truth and waking people up, they would not censor the way they do!!!

If I was not telling the truth, they would not be censoring the way they are!

Just had a Sacrifice SHOOTING! "The Mall of America" = 57 (Chaldean) As we get ready for Super Bowl LVII in AZ, Where Doenut Factory Lives. American football=57, Society of Jesus=57, The Freemasons=57, We live in a scripted reality, The Truman Show=57, Law of Attraction=57, No Coincidences =57, January thirteenth=57 From and including: Friday, December 23, 2022 To and including: Friday, January 13, 2023

Result: 22 days It is 22 days from the start date to the end date, end date included. 22 is the master builder number, We just had that rapper dead at 22, Big Scarr! Mark my words we will have a ritual on 1-13-2023=57 I promise you WATCH!!!!!!

seethruthescript Death By The Numbers: "Rising Tennessee rapper Big Scarr, who was signed to Gucci Mane’s label 1017 Records, has died at age 22 of undisclosed causes. The wordsmith’s passing was confirmed by Mane in a Thursday Instagram post." (NY Post) Memphis has been known to have a very dark style of hip hop, unfortunately a lot of artists pass away from this area... His last single released was titled "Soul Keeper"...

The number of the beast (Koinē Greek: Ἀριθμὸς τοῦ θηρίου, Arithmós toû thēríou) is associated with the Beast of Revelation in chapter 13, verse 18 of the Book of Revelation. In most manuscripts of the New Testament and in English translations of the Bible, the number of the beast is six hundred sixty-six or χξϛ (in Greek numerals, χ represents 600, ξ represents 60 and ϛ represents 6).[1]Papyrus 115 (which is the oldest preserved manuscript of the Revelation as of 2017), as well as other ancient sources like Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus, give the number of the beast as χιϛ or χιϲ, transliterable in Arabic numerals as 616 (χιϛ), not 666;[2][3]critical editions of the Greek text, such as the Novum Testamentum Graece, note χιϛ as a variant.

Check out video me and Doenut did with the 62 code connected to MK ULTRA PROGRAMMING

When you have seen enough, you will have your Neo moment...

Decoding The Matrix,

Tommy Truthful


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