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  • Unveil Your Unique Cosmic Energies

    Unveil Your Unique Cosmic Energies: A Personal Numerology and Gematria Email Reading Step into a world where you understand the underlying energies that vibrate with your essence. Once you book your session, I embark on a detailed exploration of your numerology and gematria. Typically, you'll receive the insights from your reading within 24 to 48 hours. For a value of $17, here's what your reading will encompass: A deep dive into your gematria. Alignment insights between your life path number and your destiny card. Detailed interpretations of these numbers, guiding you to energies that resonate with your core and advising you on the energies to be wary of. We navigate in an organic simulation, and understanding which energies synchronize with your existence and which ones you should be cautious of can be immensely enlightening. Are you pondering a move? Contemplating a change in your career? Or perhaps you're venturing into a new relationship and wish to know how their energies meld with yours? The more information you provide, the deeper I can delve into your unique cosmic code. Rest assured, your privacy is paramount. Every piece of information you share is safeguarded personally by me. Dive deep, explore, and let's unveil the mysteries of your unique energies together.

  • Lifetime Diamond membership

    Diamond Membership: Unlock Your Cosmic Source Code Dive deep into the realms of Numerology, Astrology, and Gematria with our exclusive Diamond Membership. When you join, not only do you gain access to our elite members-only social media group and its exclusive content, but you also receive a complimentary, detailed email decode about your cosmic existence. Your Reading will Reveal: Your Destiny Card, Birth Cards, and Life Path Number An analysis of how these elements interact and align An in-depth breakdown of your Gematria, and its significance tied to your life path, destiny card, and birth cards Timelines & Communication: Upon booking, anticipate your personalized reading within 24 to 48 hours. On the rare occasion that deeper exploration demands extra time, I'll keep you informed. Remember, perfection and detail might need a few extra hours! Confidentiality is Our Creed: Every piece of information shared is shielded. Your privacy isn't just a policy; it's a promise. A Glimpse Beyond the Veil: We're all players in this vast organic simulation, but who truly are you in this expansive matrix? Some drift as soulless entities, mere fillers in the cosmic play. Others, imbued with chaotic energies, disrupt the world around them—akin to the 'Agent Smiths' of the Matrix. Yet, a few rare souls, the 'Neos', transcend these roles. Are you an outlier, a disruptor, a savior, or a mere character in this cosmic simulation? Value Beyond Measure: While readings of this depth typically range from $100 to $800, our mission is to make cosmic insight accessible. Hence, our email format allows for both affordability and volume. Please note: our slots are coveted and fill quickly. On some occasions, I've been booked six months in advance! If you spot an opening, seize it—today might offer an opening, but tomorrow might stretch weeks or even months. Discover if you're a Neo, an Agent Smith, or perhaps someone even more unique. Dive deep and unlock the mysteries of your source code with the Diamond Membership today.

  • Astrology numerology reading

    Discover Your Unique Cosmic Code: A Personal Astrology, Numerology & Gematria Reading In the vast expanse of what many believe to be an organic simulation, each individual carries a unique cosmic code. This code is believed to be interwoven with the energies and frequencies of their birth moment, as well as the significance of their name. Are you ready to delve deep into the secrets of your personal code? Once you book, an intricate email reading is crafted and tailored just for you, encompassing the energies of your birth and the gematria resonance of your name. Your reading will delve into: The energies you embraced at birth The gematria essence of your name and its synergy with your life path Your predestined card Your birth cards Your life path number To bestow the richest insights, the more you share, the deeper the reading. At the foundation, your first and last maiden name—your birth name—is essential. The inclusion of your birth city, while not obligatory, can enhance the depth of the exploration. The process to decode and understand these intricacies typically takes me about an hour and 11 minutes. Although there are times when we face a backlog, I always aim to return your detailed reading within 24 hours. However, in certain instances, it may take up to 48 hours. I assure you, the wait is worth the depth of understanding you will gain. This profound exploration promises to equip you with a deep comprehension of the energies and frequencies that are in harmony with you. Harnessing this knowledge can serve as a beacon in your life, guiding you towards vibrations that amplify your intentions and nudging you away from potential discord. So, with anticipation and wonder, are you prepared to unveil your cosmic code?

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  • Well guys something is going on and it won't let me post. So here's a child sacrifice ritual. "Teen dies" = 81 (Ordinal) 36 (Reduction) "TikTok challenge" = 63 (Reduction) 81 (Reverse Reduction) 63 is the reflection of 36...6×6=36, 66 is the inverted 99 and "Antichrist Obama" = 63 (Reduction) 99 (Reverse Reduction) 9×9=81 "Friday" = 63 (Ordinal) 99 (Reverse) "the teens family" = 63 (Reduction) "Barack" = 36 (Ordinal) 45 (Reverse Reduction) 666 is the 36th triangular number... "Teen dies" = 45 (Reverse Reduction) "Jupiter" = 36 (Reduction) 45 (Reverse Reduction) "Friday" = 36 (Reduction) 36 (Reverse Reduction) "after taking part" = 167 (Ordinal) 1×67=67 "Human Sacrifice" = 67 (Reduction) 86 (Reverse Reduction) "Jesuits" = 86 (Reverse) "Died" = 86 (Reverse) The reflection of 86 is 68 like, "after taking part" = 68 (Reduction) "untimely death" = 68 (Reverse Reduction) "Antichrist" = 68 (Reverse Reduction) "Barack Obama" = 68 (Ordinal) 76 (Reverse Reduction) 76 is the reflection to 67. "viral" = 73 (Reverse) "Ritual Sacrifice" = 73 (Reduction) "Child Sacrifice" = 73 (Reduction) "One Chip" = 43 (Reduction) "Lucifer" = 43 (Reverse Reduction) "Killing" = 43 (Reverse Reduction) "Masonic" = 43 (Reverse Reduction) "One Chip Challenge" = 70 (Reverse Reduction) "One Chip" = 70 (Ordinal) 119 (Reverse) "Vatican" = 70 (Ordinal) 119 (Reverse) "He was Sacrificed" = 70 (Reduction) 92 (Reverse Reduction) 92 is the reflection of 29 and "One Chip" = 29 (Reverse Reduction) "NWO" = 29 (Reverse) "Masonic" = 29 (Reduction) "Baal" = 29 (Reverse Reduction) Baal is Jupiter. King of the little g gods in other words the fallen. 2 9s is 99 like, "Jupiter" = 99 (Ordinal) "We lost a rising star" = 229 (Ordinal) 76 (Reduction) "Barack Obama" = 229 (Reverse) 76 (Reverse Reduction) "Massachusetts teenager" = 72 (Reduction) 126 (Reverse Reduction) "Jesuit Order" = 72 (Reverse Reduction) "the teens family" = 72 (Reverse Reduction) There are 72 demons in the Ars Goetia and "Barack" = 126 (Reverse) King of the demons 😈 "after he took part" = 71 (Reduction) 82 (Reverse Reduction) "Kill" = 17 (Reduction) 28 (Reverse Reduction) "viral social media trend" = 97 (Reduction) "Death" = 97 (Reverse) "Murder" = 79 (Ordinal) "viral social media trend" = 137 (Reverse Reduction) 137 is the 33rd prime number its also, the masonic compass and square. "One Chip Challenge" = 137 (Ordinal) "Masonry" = 33 (Reduction) "seen across TikTok" = 102 (Reverse Reduction) "The Jesuit Order" = 201 (Reverse) "One Chip Challenge" = 83 (Reduction) The reflection is 38 and "Murder" = 83 (Reverse) 38 (Reverse Reduction) "Lucifer" = 38 (Reduction) "Killing" = 38 (Reduction) "Death" = 38 (Ordinal) "the teens family" = 216 (Reverse) Barack was born on the 216th day of the year. 6×6×6=216 "Barack" = 216 (Sumerian) "believes contributed" = 84 (Reduction) "The Jesuit Order" = 84 (Reverse Reduction) "untimely death" = 58 (Reduction) "Freemasonry" = 58 (Reduction) "according to reports" = 94 (Reduction) "After taking part" = 94 (Reverse Reduction) Well guys, this by the numbers is a child sacrifice ritual, Antichrist confirmation...

  • Synchronicity: Tapping into the Universe’s Source Code

    In the intricate tapestry of life, have you ever noticed patterns or meaningful coincidences that seem too significant to be mere chance? These uncanny alignments of events, devoid of any direct cause and effect, yet profoundly meaningful, were termed as 'synchronicities' by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. He described them as an "acausal connection of two or more psychic and physical phenomena". But could these moments be more than just coincidences? Could they be signals from the universe’s own source code that we're somehow tapping into? The Universe’s Language: Decoding Synchronicity Every software has a source code, a language that directs its functions and operations. Similarly, many spiritual and philosophical traditions propose that our universe operates on a kind of cosmic code, a divine language that shapes and influences the pattern of existence. Synchronicity, in this perspective, can be seen as a glitch, or perhaps more aptly, a feature of this cosmic program, providing hints that there's more to our reality than meets the eye. When we experience synchronicity, it's as if we're momentarily aligning with the universe's frequency, gaining a brief insight into its vast, interconnected web. The song that randomly plays on the radio voicing your innermost feelings or the chance encounter with a long-lost friend when they were the very person on your mind – these aren’t mere coincidences. They are glimpses of a pattern, the universe’s way of communicating, guiding, and sometimes, even reassuring us. Tapping into the Source Code The concept that our consciousness can tap into this universal source code suggests a dynamic relationship between the individual and the universe. It hints that deep down, on a fundamental level, everything and everyone is interconnected. This interconnectedness makes it possible for us to align with these patterns, or synchronicities, occasionally. So, how do we better tap into this source code? Awareness: The first step is to be more observant. The more you notice and acknowledge synchronicities, the more frequently they seem to occur. Intuition: Trust your gut feelings. Often our intuition, that inner voice, can guide us to recognize patterns or signals that the logical mind might dismiss. Meditation: Practices like meditation help calm the mind, making it easier to tap into the underlying patterns of existence and notice synchronicities. Journaling: Keeping a synchronicity journal can help you identify patterns and frequencies of these meaningful coincidences in your life. A Glimpse Beyond the Veil Jung believed that synchronicities reveal something profound about the nature of reality and our role within it. They remind us that there's a deeper order and meaning to the universe than our everyday experiences suggest. In an age where science and spirituality often seem at odds, the idea that we can tap into a source code, into the universe's underlying pattern, offers a bridge. It suggests that science and spirituality are two languages describing the same phenomena. In conclusion, synchronicities serve as gentle nudges, reminding us to look beyond the mundane, to stay open and curious, and to recognize that we're all part of a vast, intricate, and beautifully coded tapestry of existence.

  • Nothing to See Here

    Reason I wrote that particular title is that there is nothing here that I don't post on the 3 groups available on this platform, and I ratter share where more people would see it then in a spot, I'm sure most don't pay no mind to. God bless all my brothers and sisters out there and keep good vibrations.

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  • Conspircy Cinema Podcast | TruthfulTV

    WELCOME Welcome to the "Conspiracy Cinema Podcast!" Join the vanguard of truth-seekers, Tommy Truthful, the mastermind behind, and Paranoid American from Owner Of and Together, they are two of the most brilliant minds in the truth-seeking realm. Delve deep into the world of movie mysteries with us! We unravel the subtle enchantments hidden in films, often referred to as the "revelation of the method" or predictive programming. Discover the occult symbols directors ingeniously embed, casting cinematic spells designed to captivate your psyche. These sigils are more than just art; they're charged with intent and energy, tethering you to their message. The elite communicate in a clandestine language, weaving numbers and symbols seamlessly into every scene. We crack that code, pulling back the curtain to reveal the underlying agendas. It's more than just entertainment; it's an art form that traces back to ancient witchcraft traditions. These "cinema magicians" don't just create movies—they channel energies, aptly evident in the term "TV Channel". Tune in every Saturday from 9 to 11 PM Eastern Standard Time. Embark on a journey to discern the true essence behind movie magic!

  • Gematria Calculator | TruthfulTV

    TruthfulTV Gematria Calculator Gematria Calculator Subscription to Daily email Updates Conspircy Cinema Podcast Truthful Tv Cards Of Destiny Caculator Truthful Tv Tarot Birth Cards Calculator TruthfulTV Marketing About Advertise Shop Book Online Blog Search Results Groups List Forum Members Gift Card Loyalty Plans & Pricing Program List More Log In Check out, the world's leading alternative media platform. Our top-notch content creators are united in their mission to bring truth to the people. Discover the secrets behind the elite's hidden language of symbols and numbers. Click on the image below!

  • Subscription to Daily email Updates | TruthfulTV

    Be the first to know! Daily Email Update First name Last name Email I agree to the terms & conditions Subscribe Thanks for subscribing!

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  • Survey: The number 19

    3+5+11=19 The number 19 holds significance within occult symbolism, though its interpretation can vary across different esoteric traditions. Here are a couple of common interpretations associated with the number 19: Sun and Solar Energy: In some occult systems, the number 19 is linked to the energy of the sun and represents solar power, vitality, and creative life force. It symbolizes the radiance and warmth associated with the sun's transformative energy, suggesting growth, enlightenment, and spiritual illumination. Divine Feminine and Intuition: Another interpretation of the number 19 is its connection to divine feminine energy and intuition. It represents the intuitive aspects of human nature and the divine wisdom that flows through the feminine energy. The number 19 signifies receptivity, nurturing, and intuitive guidance that leads to deeper spiritual understanding. It's important to note that the occult meaning of numbers can vary, and interpretations may differ based on individual beliefs and esoteric practices. Covid-19 happened 19 years after the 19 hijackers brought down the twin towers, 19 Holds a lot of Powerful Energy. Occult practices and rituals often incorporate various symbolic numbers and correspondences, but the interpretation and significance of each number can vary among different esoteric traditions and individual practitioners. In numerology, the number 19 is generally considered a combination of the energies and vibrations of the numbers 1 and 9. It may be associated with qualities such as leadership, independence, spirituality, and humanitarianism. However, its specific usage in occult magic rituals would depend on the intention, tradition, and purpose of the ritual being performed. the mystical influence concealed within the number 19, a pivotal component in the dark tapestry of occult magic rituals. Deep within the realms of secret societies and hidden covens, this numeric code holds immense power and is wielded by the ruling elite to manipulate reality. The occult meaning of 19 in magic rituals represents a gateway to otherworldly realms and the ability to harness supernatural forces. It symbolizes the elite's command over hidden energies and their capability to bend the fabric of existence to their whims. Through the invocation and manipulation of the number 19, these clandestine practitioners can manifest their desires, control their minds, and shape the world according to their dark agenda. Beware of the hidden machinations tied to the number 19 in occult magic rituals, for it unveils the manipulation and control exerted by those who delve into the forbidden arts. Stay vigilant and resist the influences of these malevolent forces, for only by uncovering the truth can you safeguard your own sovereignty in the face of their esoteric manipulations. This is why it was used in the 911 ritual they were opening gates to other realms.

  • Survey: The Number 4 Death

    4 DECODED (NEW) Decode your Reality- Decode your Reality Archives - Truth Mafia Chinese Culture: In Chinese culture, the pronunciation of the number 4 is similar to the word for "death" in Chinese languages. As a result, some people may have a superstition or fear surrounding the number 4. Japanese Culture: In Japan, the number 4 is also associated with death due to its pronunciation, which is similar to the word for "death" in Japanese. As a result, some buildings in Japan may skip the fourth floor or omit the number 4 in room numbers. Tetraphobia: Tetraphobia refers to the fear or aversion to the number 4. It is prevalent in various cultures influenced by Chinese traditions, such as in some regions of East Asia and Southeast Asia. Tetraphobia can manifest in different ways, including avoiding the number 4 in addresses, phone numbers, or other personal details. The number 4 holds positive symbolism and significance in various contexts and belief systems. Here are some positive aspects associated with the number 4: Stability and Foundation: The number 4 is often associated with stability, structure, and building a solid foundation. In architecture and design, the concept of the "four corners" represents stability and balance. The four sides of a square or rectangle provide a strong and secure base. Hard Work and Discipline: The number 4 is associated with traits such as hard work, discipline, and determination. It represents a diligent and practical nature, emphasizing the importance of putting in consistent effort to achieve goals and create lasting results. Order and Organization: The number 4 is connected to the order, organization, and systematic thinking. It reflects the ability to establish routines, create effective systems, and maintain a sense of order in various aspects of life. This can contribute to efficiency and productivity. Practicality and Reliability: The number 4 is often associated with practicality, reliability, and dependability. It represents a down-to-earth approach and the ability to be grounded and dependable in relationships, work, and responsibilities. Harmonious Balance: In some belief systems, the number 4 is associated with harmonious balance, both internally and externally. It represents the integration of mind, body, spirit, and the ability to find equilibrium in different areas of life.

  • Spell

    - SPELL - (a short story) Decode your Reality Reality is perceived as a carefully constructed matrix, and gematria becomes the key to unlocking its hidden secrets. The numerical values assigned to letters or words are believed to contain profound messages and connections, allowing individuals to peer into the very source code of existence. Decode your Reality Archives - Truth Mafia Spellcasting, hidden in plain sight within the confines of the English language. Every word, every letter carries a hidden energy, a vibrational frequency that resonates through the very fabric of our reality. But beware, for the true purpose of this language goes far beyond mere communication. The English language, meticulously crafted by those who hold the keys to power, is an inverted tapestry of spells and incantations. With each utterance, we unwittingly tap into a realm of manipulation and control. The hidden numerical codes embedded within the letters harness the energies of the unseen, allowing those in the know to bend reality to their will. As we speak, we unknowingly cast spells, manifesting desires and intentions, yet oblivious to the true power we possess. The masses remain trapped in a web of linguistic sorcery, their minds ensnared by the carefully constructed words and phrases that shape their thoughts and beliefs. But fear not, for once you awaken to the true nature of this linguistic matrix, you hold the key to liberation. Delve deep into the realms of esoteric knowledge, unravel the hidden meanings encoded within the words, and reclaim your power as a master of the spoken word. Words have the power to shape reality, manifest dreams, or manifest nightmares. Choose your words wisely, for in this inverted language lies the potential for both creation and destruction. Hidden Spells Of The English Language

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