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Julie Wooden
Diamond family

As if fluoride wasn't enough to poison our water, or the things in the toxic chemtrails "they" dump on us continuously; there are plenty of PFAS (forever chemicals) in the water. It's like we have no hope or say in taking in these poisons. It is so sad that we have to be proactive in removing as much of these things as possible, but if you cannot afford all of the filtering systems, detoxifiers/vita's/minerals, and distillers it would take to eliminate this, what chance do one have in not getting sick, or getting cancer, or other ailments due to this problem? Even though I have to save money up (slowly) in order to get filtering systems etc. it is the only way we have to combat it. Here is a good link to an article about fluoride with links for filtering products and distillers. Fluoride: How a Toxic Poison Ended up in our Water Supply (

Could there be a solution to eliminate PFAS's? Some may not know what PFAS's are, or what they call "forever chemicals." Polyfluoroalkyl - are man-made chemicals used for their water- and stain-resistant qualities in products like clothing, carpet, nonstick cookware, packaging and firefighting foam. Because some fertilizers are made from our sewage; wastewater treatment plants are in turn putting PFAS's in our soil and drinking water because they cannot get rid of them all. There are things being done by the treatment plants to make it better, but not fast enough.


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