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"First Case" = 100 (Ordinal) 143 (Reverse) 62 (Reverse Reduction) "Lightning" = 100 (Ordinal) 143 (Reverse) Baraq means lightning 🌩 also, "Lightning" = 30 (Chaldean) first case=China and Lightning so just like the Rona it's showing potential of being created in China by the numbers and "Vampires" = 30 (Chaldean) like, "Vaccine" = 30 (Reduction) and "Covid jab" = 30 (Reduction) so the vampire virus is most likely coming from the you know what... code red .... it struck like lightning and "Lightning" = 44 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Antichrist Obama" = 44 (Chaldean) that's not a coincidence guys 🙄 🤔 "China" = 26 (Reduction) 100 (Reverse) 26 is the reflection of 62. 1×26=26 like, "Observed" = 36 (Reduction) 126 (Reverse) 45 (Reverse Reduction) Like, "Barack" = 36 (Ordinal) 18 (Reduction) 126 (Reverse) 45 (Reverse Reduction) "vampire viruses" = 181 (Reverse) which is 18 forward and backward. 6+6+6=18 "IHS" = 36 (Ordinal) 18 (Reduction) 45 (Reverse)..numerically this dictates that this was observed by Barack and the Jesuit Order. "Black magic" = 62 (Ordinal) 35 (Reduction) (11) + (8) + (20) + (23) 62 the day this article was released. 😒 🤔 😒 "China" = 35 (Ordinal) the reflection is 53 like, 8+4+(23)=35 Obama's birthday 🎂. Isn't that convenient... "vampire viruses" = 53 (Chaldean) Days Left in Year: (Nov-8) 53 the last day of the year is 123123 like, Kamala=123 (Reverse) 12/30 is 123 in numerology. The following day is Kamala Kamala. The following day is New Years. First Female President =224 (Ordinal) like, the year it'll be 2024 is 224 in numerology. December thirty= 223 (Reverse) Joe Biden dies=223 (Reverse) Skull and Crossbones=223 (Ordinal) 2023 is 223 in numerology the reflection is 322 and we are in the 322 anniversary of Yale if I'm not mistaken. The founders of skull and bones. "Antichrist Obama" = 153 (Ordinal) 1×53=53, here it looks like by the numbers pharmakia/ black magic was used by China under the direction of Antichrist Obama to develop the Rona. The Vampires were put in the jabber for the Rona. Or in the Rona itself with the gain of function for later illness such as this. "US Scientists" = 177 (Ordinal) 84 (Reverse Reduction) like, "The Jesuit Order" = 177 (Ordinal) 69 (Reduction) 84 (Reverse Reduction) "Key to the Apocalypse" = 84 (Reverse Reduction) "US Scientists" = 42 (Reduction) 147 (Reverse) and "Freemason" = 42 (Reduction) 147 (Reverse) the "US Scientists " are Freemason Jesuits... from the house of Saturn. "Saturn" = 69 (Reverse) 42 (Reverse Reduction) "exciting development" = 222 (Ordinal) 69 (Reduction) so there's been an exciting development within the Antichrist system. "Antichrist system" = 222 (Ordinal) 69 (Reduction) "Pfizer Biontech" = 222 (Reverse) 69 (Reverse Reduction) The exciting development is the Vampire virus. But the numbers suggest it was in the jabber. "Conspiracy theories" = 222 (Ordinal) 96 (Reduction) they will call it just a Conspiracy theory and "The Antichrist Barack Obama" = 222 (Ordinal) 96 (Reduction) and he said, just flood the public square with enough raw sewage which is Conspiracy theories and the people won't know who or what to believe. So fake news is Obama also. He's also a match to world economic forum. "World economic forum" = 222 (Ordinal) 96 (Reduction) 96 is the reflection of 69.. "Vice President Harris" = 222 (Ordinal) "President Harris" = 222 (Reverse) 96 (Reverse Reduction) so, Vice President Harris=President Kamala Harris and President Harris which equals Corona and Covid jab.. 😒 🤔 9 is 6 and 6 is 9 its Saturn/ Satan... "President Kamala Harris" = 222 (Ordinal) 96 (Reduction) and I wonder if this will be what takes Ole Joe out next month. 😒 🤔 The numbers dictate that she goes from being VP to President and President Kamala is connected to Rona and Covid jab. So, it kinda looks like she might become President due to Joe being jibbey Jabbed 5 times. Vampires in the jabber. Sucking the life/ soul energy. "New York New York" = 222 (Ordinal) 66 (Reverse Reduction) 9 is 6 and 6 is 9... "Corona" = 66 (Ordinal) 96 (Reverse) "Covid jab" = 66 (Ordinal) "Number of the beast" = 66 (Reduction) "Number of a man" = 66 (Reverse Reduction) "Vice President Harris" = 66 (Chaldean) this is just another reason for me thinking Joe Biden may go down from the jabber. Which could be the mark of the beast or at the least be Extremely connected to it. "Fake trinity" = 69 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Vaccination" = 69 (Reverse Reduction) and I think the mark will be a 3 stage deal. Like, the trinity. It'll have 3 stages. The jabber, the brain chip, and the AI hive mind that runs everything. Father, Son, Holy Spirit/ Satan, the human body, and Nano once integrated in the human body could be hooked to a brainchip and then controlled by a super AI. This would allow for control in real time over humans. It's about total control and servitude. From Fri Aug 04 2023 to Wed Nov 08 2023 is: 96 Days. So from Obama's birthday 🎂 til the release of the article 9 hours ago. Just look at all the 96s and 69s.... "Order out of Chaos" = 222 (Reverse) "Key to the Apocalypse" = 222 (Ordinal) "The beast of Revelation" = 222 (Ordinal) "As Above so below" = 222 (Reverse) "Wuhan Coronavirus" = 222 (Ordinal) "Event 201" = 222 (Reduction) and also, "Conspiracy theories" = 102 (Reverse Reduction) 102 reflects 201... "Impossible coincidences" = 222 (Ordinal) "West Coast Tsunami" = 222 (Ordinal) 102 (Reverse Reduction) and then there's this connected to it which I'm looking to happen real soon. "Pfizer Vaccines" = 222 (Reverse) and this just another reason I think it's connected to the mark. These below are more reasons... "Wuhan China" = 102 (Ordinal) "Art of War" = 102 (Ordinal) the virus from Wuhan was the Art of War. Post if the antichrist system. "Antichrist system" = 102 (Reverse Reduction) the reflection is 201 like, "The Jesuit Order" = 201 (Reverse) 200 Jesuit priests started the order.. there were 200 watchers that came down on Mount Hermon. Plus 1, would be Satan. For the 201... everything is being dictated by the Jesuit Order and Obama which are the fallen angels and Satan.. "Count the number of his name" = 102 (Chaldean) The reflection is 201 like, "The Son of Perdition Barack Hussein Obama" = 201 (Reverse Reduction) "Number of a man" = 201 (Reverse) and yea there's this also. So the verse in the Bible where it says count the number of his name it'll be six hundred three score and six which is 666... "Barack Hussein Obama" = 163 (Ordinal) 64 (Reduction) 323 (Reverse) 116 (Reverse Reduction) 163+64+323+116=666.... so without further a due... this thing here with the virus vampires is totally connected to the mark of the beast and Barack Obama. In several ways. You just can't make this up.


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