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There is something big wrong going on! To start I cant find any real time maps of the wild fires I might be looking in the wrong places but I Google it and nothing is coming up. Secondly all thought the Lake Michigan area, from southern Michigan, northern Indiana and Illinois, the whole state of Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota are all under an extreme air quality alert. The moon was red last night (I didn't get a picture because I just got off work and was very tired I just wanted to get home). This if you add in my post about the sulfur smell that is encompassing northwest Indiana all goes hand and hand. Something is happening what I dont know. Tonight after work if the moon is red again I will get a video and post it. But none of this is by mistake it's all by design. Why is the air in my home state worse than in the place the wildfires are happening? Make it make sense! You cant say there are a bunch of chemical spills happening and then this and not have anyone question it.


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