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Astrology numerology reading

astrology numerology reading

  • 1 hour 11 minutes
  • 26 US dollars

Service Description

Discover Your Unique Cosmic Code: A Personal Astrology, Numerology & Gematria Reading In the vast expanse of what many believe to be an organic simulation, each individual carries a unique cosmic code. This code is believed to be interwoven with the energies and frequencies of their birth moment, as well as the significance of their name. Are you ready to delve deep into the secrets of your personal code? Once you book, an intricate email reading is crafted and tailored just for you, encompassing the energies of your birth and the gematria resonance of your name. Your reading will delve into: The energies you embraced at birth The gematria essence of your name and its synergy with your life path Your predestined card Your birth cards Your life path number To bestow the richest insights, the more you share, the deeper the reading. At the foundation, your first and last maiden name—your birth name—is essential. The inclusion of your birth city, while not obligatory, can enhance the depth of the exploration. The process to decode and understand these intricacies typically takes me about an hour and 11 minutes. Although there are times when we face a backlog, I always aim to return your detailed reading within 24 hours. However, in certain instances, it may take up to 48 hours. I assure you, the wait is worth the depth of understanding you will gain. This profound exploration promises to equip you with a deep comprehension of the energies and frequencies that are in harmony with you. Harnessing this knowledge can serve as a beacon in your life, guiding you towards vibrations that amplify your intentions and nudging you away from potential discord. So, with anticipation and wonder, are you prepared to unveil your cosmic code?

Cancellation Policy

If you're unable to attend your reading, it's absolutely fine. Just text me at least an hour in advance at 234-425-2099, and we can reschedule. Remember, rescheduling doesn't mean you lose your reading; once you've paid for it, it's all yours! Feel free to reach out, and I'll be happy to assist.

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Online Only New York, NY, USA

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