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Upcoming potential Bread and Circus Sacrifices. Antichrist Confirmation... "Janet Yellen" = 123 (Ordinal) 42 (Reduction) "Kamala" = 123 (Reverse) 42 (Reverse Reduction) "Let him that hath understanding" = 123 (Reduction) "President of the United States" = 321 (Ordinal) the reflection of 123..... "Declares Biden Admin" = 142 (Ordinal) 79 (Reduction) 1×42=42 "MDCCLXXVI" = 42 (Reduction) 1776... "Four nine" = 42 (Reverse Reduction) like, Kamala and "Kamala Harris" = 49 (Reduction) "Murder" = 79 (Ordinal) 7×9=63, but not just that which connects it to Obama but the way the numbers fall, you can see a clear script of how Biden is getting taken out soon and Kamala is coming in next year. "Not Attempting to Decouple from China" = 152 (Reduction) 163 (Reverse Reduction) "Barack Hussein Obama" = 163 (Ordinal) "Joe Biden" = 152 (Reverse) and 1×63=63 like, 7×9=63.... the reflection of 152 is 251 like, "Ritual Sacrifice" = 251 (Reverse) and "Antichrist Obama" = 63 (Reduction) so Joe Biden is the reflection to Ritual sacrifice 😒 🤔 and that's connected to Obama also by the numbers. "We re Deepening Our Relationship" = 426 (Reverse) "The Antichrist Barack Obama" = 426 (Reverse) so they are Deepening their relationship with the Antichrist Barack Obama. "January Fourteenth Twenty Twenty three" = 426 (Reverse) 1/14 is how January 14 is written.. 2023 is the year we're in. I'll be using attention to January 14 next year. "Trump Assassinated" = 114 (Reverse Reduction) its interesting that Trump assassination is a match to January Fourteenth Twenty Twenty three because, I've been saying they might try a scripted order out of chaos Ritual by assassinating Trump. It was Trump that was using the word "Decouple" all the time in speeches and at rallies and such. 😒 🤔 I'm thinking Trump could get whacked next year but it's more then likely if they try to take him out it'll be after he wins again in 2025. If they don't take him out to keep him from winning. Order out of chaos at the highest level is what this will create. This is also a ritual sacrifice of the Dollar. "US Dollar" = 114 (Reverse) "United States Dollar" = 114 (Reverse Reduction) this is the death of the dollar. "President of the United States" = 114 (Reduction) 11×4=44 like, "Joe Biden" = 44 (Reverse Reduction) "Kill" = 44 (Ordinal) Obama was number 44.. so they are bout to take Biden out forsure also, on top of a potential Trump assassination. "World War" = 114 (Ordinal) the formal announcement of World War and the US being involved is about to take place. "Four nine" = 114 (Reverse) and again 49=Kamala Harris... they pushing for her to take the stage as first female president. "MDCCLXXVI" = 114 (Ordinal) 1776..... it's printed in the 💵... Dollar is about to go down in a big way. "Frequency" = 114 (Ordinal) "Psychological Operation" = 114 (Reduction) here's what to be in the look out for. Wouldn't be surprised if something like this happened 11/4 this year. "Let him that hath understanding" = 426 (Reverse) this is part of the verse in the Bible where it says count the number of his name. It'll be 666.... and The Antichrist Barack Obama=426 (Reverse) and "Barack Hussein Obama" = 163 (Ordinal) 64 (Reduction) 323 (Reverse) 116 (Reverse Reduction) and 163+64+323+116=666 and I mean just wow... "Bread and circus Sacrifice" = 426 (Reverse) and that is what Biden will be. Well that's the end of this headline guys... very clear upcoming Ritual sacrifice or sacrifices. To bring in the first female president. This is also again, another Antichrist Confirmation connected to Obama...

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