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Iranian FM says US will suffer 'significant damages' if Gaza war expands - Jazeera

"Iranian FM" = 49 (Reduction) 59 (Reverse Reduction) "Revelation" = 49 (Reduction) 59 (Reverse Reduction) 4×9=36 and 5×9=45 like, "Barack" = 36 (Ordinal) 45 (Reverse Reduction) "The Vatican" = 59 (Reverse Reduction) "Pope Francis" = 59 (Reduction) also, "Iranian FM" = 158 (Reverse) like, "Freemasonry" = 158 (Reverse) "US will suffer" = 54 (Reduction) 153 (Reverse) 72 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Jesuit Order" = 54 (Reduction) 153 (Reverse) 72 (Reverse Reduction) The reflection of 54 is 45 like, Barack, and 7×2=14 like, "Obama" = 14 (Reduction) sorta like Osiris was cut into 14 pieces. "Antichrist Obama" = 153 (Ordinal) 1×5×3=15 like, "Hamas" = 15 (Reduction) "significant damages" = 80 (Reduction) "Satan" = 80 (Reverse) "The Antichrist" = 80 (Reverse Reduction) "if Gaza war expands" = 76 (Reduction) 86 (Reverse Reduction) "Barack Obama" = 76 (Reverse Reduction) "The whore of Babylon" = 76 (Reverse Reduction) and "Jesuits" = 86 (Reverse) the reflection is 68 like, "Barack Obama" = 68 (Ordinal) "Human sacrifice" = 67 (Reduction) 86 (Reverse Reduction) 67 is the reflection of 76. "Kamala Harris" = 86 (Reverse Reduction) "The whore of Babylon" = 86 (Reduction) Kamala is the whore of Babylon...

"Jazeera" = 66 (Ordinal) 123 (Reverse) "Iranian" = 66 (Ordinal) 123 (Reverse) "Number of a man" = 123 (Ordinal) 66 (Reverse Reduction) "Jazeera" = 30 (Reduction) 42 (Reverse Reduction) "Hamas" = 42 (Ordinal) 30 (Reverse Reduction) now, "Saturn" = 93 (Ordinal) 42 (Reverse Reduction) so it's Palestine vs Israel. Israel is the 6 point star ✡️ which is Saturn. "Jesuit" = 42 (Reverse Reduction) "Moon" = 15 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Hamas" = 15 (Reduction) 93 (Reverse) "Moon" = 21 (Reduction) "Saturn" = 21 (Reduction) "Evil" = 21 (Reduction) "Jesuit" = 21 (Reduction) this is Isis Ra and El. Sol o mon sun and moon Solomons temple to house the God of El within. This is the sun and moon with the El-ectricity that connects the two sides of the brain. Saturn swallowed a moon and got blown up. Now going a bit deeper. "Kamala" = 123 (Reverse) 42 (Reverse Reduction) and dude said, US will suffer significant damages. Wonder if a Joe Biden death is in the cards. 😒 🤔 123 is numerology for 12/30 and "December thirty" = 223 (Reverse) like, "Joe Biden dies" = 223 (Reverse) we're in the year 2023 which is 223 in numerology and 2×2×3=12 like, "Kamala" = 12 (Reduction) so I wonder... This concludes the headline... First paragraph... Oct 15 (Reuters) - Iranian foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said the United States will suffer "significant damages" if the Gaza war spirals into a bigger conflict, Al Jazeera reported on Sunday. "Oct 15" = 58 (Reverse) "Freemasonry" = 58 (Reduction) 158 (Reverse) "spirals into a bigger conflict" = 158 (Reverse Reduction) "foreign minister" = 224 (Reverse) "First Female President" = 224 (Ordinal) "Hossein Amirabdollahian" = 101 (Reduction) "Joe Biden dies" = 101 (Ordinal) Alright, so foreign minister equals 224 like first female president and the foreign minister's name equals Joe Biden dies. The date it came out equals freemasonry. Which is the hidden hand or the hiding of code in the article right in pain sight. Like, a 4th wall break. Or a small view of what's to come. "the United States will suffer" = 321 (Ordinal) the reflection is 123 like, Kamala=123 (Reverse) and under her reign I figure the US will suffer. It says that the whore of Babylon would decieve all nations with her pharmakia. "Number of a man" = 123 (Ordinal) so the number of a man or the mark of the beast is pharmakia or pharmaceutical. The jabber for example. Which, Biden is jibbey Jabbed, allegedly like 4 or 5 times. So, I wonder if that what takes him out. 🤔 "If the scope of the war expands" = 123 (Reduction) "Gaza war" = 77 (Ordinal) like, "United States" = 77 (Reverse Reduction) and it says the United States will suffer significant damages if Gaza war spirals out of control. This is scripted forsure. Gaza war equals United States. 7×7=49 like, "Kamala Harris" = 49 (Reduction) "Al Jazeera" = 56 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Society of Jesus" = 56 (Reduction) "Mind control" = 56 (Reduction) so Al Jazeera is with the Society of Jesus by the numbers and to tie it right into Kamala coming in. Most of the news coming out of Israel right now is Jesuit mind control propaganda. The Jesuit Order is probably bout to take Biden out. "Joe Biden dies" = 56 (Reduction) "reported on Sunday" = 79 (Reduction) "Al Jazeera" = 79 (Ordinal) "Society of Jesus" = 79 (Reverse Reduction) "Murder" = 79 (Ordinal) Second paragraph... "We have conveyed our message to the Zionist regime through its allies that if they do not cease their atrocities in Gaza, Iran cannot simply remain an observer," Iranian state media cited Amirabdollahian as telling the network. "We have conveyed our message" = 116 (Reverse Reduction) "Barack Hussein Obama" = 116 (Reverse Reduction) "Iranian state media" = 116 (Reverse Reduction) so it looks like the Iranian state media conveyed their message through Obama because, I believe he's in control of everything from the shadows. "the Zionist regime" = 86 (Reverse Reduction) "Jesuits" = 86 (Reverse) "Kamala Harris" = 86 (Reverse Reduction) The reflection is 68 like, "Barack Obama" = 68 (Ordinal) the Zionist Jesuits are about to bring in Kamala under Obama's orders as the first female president. I mean they could have picked someone better for the script though 😆 "through its allies" = 94 (Reverse Reduction) "the Zionist regime" = 94 (Reduction) "Iran cannot simply remain an observer" = 194 (Reverse Reduction) 1×94=94 this 94 is connected to aliens like, "Alien" = 94 (Reverse) so I wonder if the fake Invasion is upcoming also 😆 I think Obama was in our producing an alien movie. "Through its allies" = 77 (Reduction) "United States" = 77 (Reverse Reduction) "through its allies" = 229 (Reverse) "Barack Obama" = 229 (Reverse) "Khaled Mashal" = 229 (Reverse) and he just called for a Jihad. The message was conveyed through Obama which is what it means by "through its allies". "Gaza" = 73 (Reverse) "Ritual Sacrifice" = 73 (Reduction) The Palestinians are a ritual sacrifice by the Jesuit Order by the numbers. "Iranian state media" = 73 (Reduction) "Amirabdollahian" = 66 (Reduction) "Jazeera" = 66 (Ordinal) "Iranian" = 66 (Ordinal) "Number of the beast" = 66 (Reduction) "If the scope of the war expands" = 120 (Reverse Reduction) "Amirabdollahian" = 120 (Ordinal) "Six hundred and sixty six" = 120 (Reverse Reduction) "significant damages will also be inflicted" = 223 (Reverse Reduction) like, Joe Biden dies and December thirty... we're in the 223 year so it's probably going to be Biden going out this year and an attack on America possibly this year maybe next when Kamala is in because, that would be America at its most vulnerable. "Skull and Crossbones" = 223 (Ordinal) It's almost kick off time guys. The Great Tribulation is around the corner. Like a 2025. I think so anyways. Everything is lining up perfectly. Like, a well scripted movie. I'll hand to these elites. It was pretty slick. But, I'm hip to the game. Many others are waking up too. I'm going to keep Exposing these guys at every turn. The number correlations are so crazy that they can't even say that it's a coincidence anymore. The only way that many words in an article equals the same thing is if it was purposely done. There are better odds hitting the powerball then this being a coincidence.

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