top of page "Supreme Shaman" = 153 (Ordinal) 54 (Reduction) 72 (Reverse Reduction) "Jesuit Order" = 144 (Ordinal) 54 (Reduction) 153 (Reverse) 72 (Reverse Reduction) already this guy is looking like he's working with the Jesuits. "Kyivs allies" = 144 (Ordinal) 153 (Reverse) 72 (Reverse Reduction) "Antichrist Obama" = 153 (Ordinal) Obama is at the helm. "Russias Supreme Shaman" = 79 (Reduction) 281 (Reverse) like, "Murder" = 79 (Ordinal) 83 (Reverse) "Kara ool Dopchun ool" = 79 (Reduction) 83 (Reverse) it would seem that he's predicting Murder. It says he's saying there won't be a nuclear war. But the numbers suggest otherwise. Considering this dude's name equals Murder. All these guys work together behind the scenes. Trump, Obama, and Putin are all friends and Joe is the fall guy. "Society of Jesus" = 79 (Reverse Reduction) "Offers Prediction" = 182 (Ordinal) 88 (Reverse Reduction) 182 is the reflection of 281... and "Moscow" = 88 (Ordinal) "Vladimir" = 88 (Ordinal) 128 (Reverse) and "Russias Supreme Shaman" = 128 (Reverse Reduction) it would also seem with the 88 connection he's offering predictions on the splitting of the timelines or a reset event. Possibly because, of Nuclear War. "Satan 2" = 82 (Reverse) 1×82=82 like, "Barack Hussein Obama II" = 82 (Reduction) "the West" = 28 (Reduction) The reflection of 82 making Barack Hussein Obama II the king of the west. "Nuclear War" = 116 (Ordinal) 44 (Reduction) 64 (Reverse Reduction) "San Fran" = 116 (Reverse) 44 (Reverse Reduction) "Fifty six" = 46 (Reduction) 44 (Reverse Reduction) 8×8=64.. the reflection is 46 "as a result" = 116 (Ordinal) 64 (Reverse Reduction) "Barack Hussein Obama" = 64 (Reduction) 116 (Reverse Reduction) "The Antichrist" = 64 (Reduction) and assuming that I'm right and Barack is the antichrist. It will probably happen under his reign... but, there's alot of 138s coming up and that is a big number connected to Trumpkin... "Donald Trump" = 138 (Ordinal) and "President Kamala Harris" = 138 (Reverse Reduction) so it could be coming up sooner then Obama. It's looking likely that Kamala will replace Joe when he either dies or gets retired. So she'll be the runner against Trump in the next election. So the Nuclear War could happen under Trump. Then Obama could come back with the solutions. Then he could claim he's God. Just a theoretical scenario. I mean just look at this. "a Kremlin run media outlet" = 99 (Reduction) like, "Antichrist Obama" = 99 (Reverse Reduction) also, "a Kremlin run media outlet" = 333 (Reverse) "Galactic Federation" = 333 (Reverse) so it could be the fake alien Invasion they blame it on. Where Obama could broker some sort of peace deal like the middle east with the so called aliens which are really demons and fallen angels. He's their leader so he would stop the attack from blue beam. He would be real popular after that... "Operation Gotham Shield" = 333 (Reverse) this is a nuclear exercise. "Revelation Chapter Nine" = 333 (Reverse) where it sounds like Yellowstone going off or a Nuke exploding or both. Like, Yellowstone blows because of Nuclear attack. "Two thousand and twenty three" = 333 (Reverse) and we're in 2023. So Yellowstone possibly this year 🤔 maybe?? "the supreme shaman of Russia" = 105 (Reduction) 138 (Reverse Reduction) "Masonry" = 105 (Ordinal) and "Master Mason" = 138 (Ordinal) so this Shaman is looking like a Master Mason. He's definitely working for Vladimir. Notice the matching 88. "Trump" = 88 (Ordinal) "come to its senses" = 88 (Reverse Reduction) "Ouroboros" = 138 (Ordinal) 105 (Reverse) a serpent swallowing itself. The ♾️. 8 point of time and space and according to Archaix the phoenix resets are every 138 years. Some are bigger and more severe then others "Belgorod" = 138 (Reverse) city in Russia where done strikes happened. Could be the catalyst for Nuclear war and the big reset. "Donald John Trump Sr" = 222 (Ordinal) and "that he predicts" = 156 (Ordinal) 222 (Reverse) it says that he predicts no nuclear war. But the prediction is Obama. "The Antichrist Barack Obama" = 222 (Ordinal) 156 (Reverse Reduction) "there wont be a nuclear war" = 252 (Ordinal) 99 (Reduction) "Antichrist Obama" = 252 (Reverse) 99 (Reverse Reduction) is looking like now Obama could prevent the nuclear war. Making the world fall in love with him. Like, they will love the antichrist. "Ukrainian war" = 59 (Reduction) "Revelation" = 59 (Reverse Reduction) "The Vatican" = 59 (Reverse Reduction) here it looks like, Revelation is being setup by the False Prophet Francis in the Vatican. Being proxied by the Ukraine War. 252 is 25 forward and backward. Like, "Vatican" = 25 (Reduction) The reflection is 52 like, "NWO" = 52 (Ordinal) "Pope" = 52 (Ordinal) 25 (Reduction).. "come to its senses" = 56 (Reduction) "Society of Jesus" = 56 (Reduction) "Pope" = 56 (Reverse) "Mind control" = 56 (Reduction) 61 (Reverse Reduction) 61 is the reflection of 16 like, "NWO" = 16 (Reduction) 8+8=16

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