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Brand Name: Alchemical magic jewelry
Origin: Mainland China
Style: europe
is_customized: No
Regional Feature: Europe
Material: Organic Material
Feature: Natural Emerald Crystal Pendant
Feature 5: Healing DT Gemstone
Feature 4: Wand Reiki Green Fluorite
Feature 3: Wrap Braid Necklace
Feature 2: Yoga Macrame For Men Women
Feature 1: Fluorite

"Emerald Essence Healing Wand: Natural Emerald & Green Fluorite Macrame Necklace"


Introducing the Emerald Essence Healing Wand Necklace, a mesmerizing blend of natural Emerald and Green Fluorite, intricately wrapped in a yoga-inspired macrame design. This unique piece, suitable for both men and women, serves as a beacon of holistic healing and metaphysical connection, embodying the essence of nature's profound healing energies.

Healing Properties:

  • Natural Emerald: Often revered as the stone of successful love, Emerald is a powerful conduit for emotional rebalancing and the cultivation of harmony. It stimulates the heart chakra, promoting healing, compassion, and unconditional love. Emerald enhances mental clarity, strengthens memory, and inspires a deep inner knowing, serving as a bridge to spiritual awakening.
  • Green Fluorite: A crystal of growth and renewal, Green Fluorite grounds excess energy, dissipates emotional trauma, and cleanses the aura. Known for its ability to absorb and neutralize negative energy and stress, it is an excellent aid for concentration, decision-making, and coordination. Green Fluorite connects the individual mind to the universal consciousness, fostering intuitive insights.

Metaphysical and Holistic Benefits:

  • Emotional Harmony and Spiritual Balance: This necklace facilitates the alignment of the chakra system, encouraging emotional equilibrium and spiritual serenity.
  • Protective Aura: By wearing this piece, you shield yourself from psychic and electromagnetic stress, creating a protective barrier around your energetic field.
  • Manifestation and Abundance: The combined energies of Emerald and Green Fluorite attract prosperity and success, aligning your path with the vibration of abundance.
  • Mental Clarity and Focus: This healing wand enhances cognitive function, enabling clear thought, concentration, and the resolution of complex problems.

Crafted with care and intention, the Emerald Essence Healing Wand Necklace is not merely an ornament but a powerful ally in your journey towards spiritual awakening and holistic well-being.

Special Note on Shipping:

We're excited to offer free shipping on all our items, making it easier for you to enjoy our extraordinary products. Our unique finds are sourced from around the world, which means delivery typically takes about two weeks to arrive at your doorstep. You will be given your tracking information as soon as your order ships, allowing you to follow your package's journey from our hands to yours.

Our customers often report receiving their orders in about nine days, on average. This delivery timeline is how we're able to provide free shipping, sparing you an extra cost of $15 to $20 on your purchase.

We believe in the value of anticipation and are confident that you'll find your item to be well worth the wait. Thank you for your understanding and patience as you await the arrival of your exceptional new treasure!

"Emerald Essence Healing Wand: Natural Emerald & Green Fluorite Necklace"

SKU: 3256803650280561
가격최저 $20.99
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