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Gender: Unisex
Material: Stone
Metals Type: Copper
Bracelets Type: Strand Bracelets
Chain Type: Beaded Bracelet
Item Type: Bracelets
Shape\pattern: Round
Fine or Fashion: Fashion
Style: Vintage
Bead: Rainbow Eye Obsidian
Color: Copper color
Rope: High-Resiliency Elastic Silicone cording
Process: Handmade
Package: Eco-envelope

Introducing the "ObsidianGuard Dual-Tone Bracelet: Brass Harmony & Protective Energy" – a unique, handcrafted piece that embodies strength and wellness in every bead and brass accent. This unisex bracelet combines the potent protective energies of Black Obsidian with the warm, grounding influence of hammered brass, presented in a striking two-row design that speaks to both elegance and power.

The "ObsidianGuard Dual-Tone Bracelet" is not just an accessory; it's a personal safeguard. Black Obsidian, a stone revered for its deep connection to the Earth's energy, serves as the core of this bracelet. Known for its ability to form a shield against negativity, it blocks evil spirits and black magic attacks, providing a sanctuary of energy around its wearer. This powerful stone also aids in grounding and clearing the mind of chaos, making it an excellent companion for meditation and healing practices.

Complementing the protective qualities of Obsidian, the hammered brass elements introduce a touch of resilience and beauty. Brass, with its healing properties, enhances the energy flow in the body, promoting health and well-being. The combination of these two potent materials creates a synergy of protection and harmony, making the "ObsidianGuard Dual-Tone Bracelet" a must-have for those seeking a blend of style, health, and spiritual safeguarding.

Each bracelet is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that your piece is as unique as you are. Personalization options allow you to infuse the bracelet with a touch of your essence, making it not just a piece of jewelry, but a personal talisman that reflects your journey and aspirations.

Embrace the protective and healing energies of the "ObsidianGuard Dual-Tone Bracelet" and carry with you a constant guardian against the unseen forces, all while grounding your spirit in the strength and resilience of the Earth.

"ObsidianGuard Dual-Tone Bracelet: Brass Harmony & Protective Energy"

SKU: 4000459642237
  • To charge and energize your alchemical magic jewelry, which combines obsidian and copper, follow this detailed protocol:

    • Lunar and Astrological Events: Position the bracelet outdoors during full moons, eclipses, and notable astrological events. These periods intensify the energies absorbed, optimizing the charging process of the materials.

    • Obsidian Black Mirror: For enhanced charging, place your bracelet on an obsidian black mirror. This combination is particularly potent under the radiant energy of pink moons and blood moons, known for their powerful energetic properties.

    • Regular Charging: Recharge your jewelry at least once a month to maintain its protective qualities. This regular infusion of lunar and astrological energy ensures the bracelet remains a potent shield.

    • Protective Energy Field: When properly charged, the bracelet creates a torus field around the wearer. This field effectively repels negative energies and psychic attacks. It is designed to safeguard against various forms of psychic interference, including those that may be orchestrated through telekinetic and telepathic means.

    • Advanced Tuning and Protection: The copper in the bracelet is finely tuned to match the Schumann resonance, vibrating at the same frequency as your alpha brain waves. This creates a comprehensive protection field around you. Meanwhile, the obsidian serves as a powerful barrier that blocks any psychic or black magic intrusions, ensuring complete protection from external psychic forces.

    This careful adherence to charging protocols not only maximizes the protective capabilities of the jewelry but also aligns with both ancient wisdom and advanced metaphysical practices.

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