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Metals Type: None
Material: RESIN
Gender: Unisex
Function: Reiki Healing
Pendants Type: slide
Material: Natural Stone+Epoxy Resin
Type: 7 Chakra Orgonite Pendant
Color: As The Picture Show
Application: Purifying Negative Energy,Adjust Magnetic Field,Meditation,Gift

Unleash the transformative powers of holistic healing with our 7 Chakra Orgonite Necklace. Meticulously crafted from organite, this pendant is not just a piece of jewelry but a beacon of well-being. Organite, renowned for its ability to harmonize bio-energy, "chi," or "prana," plays a pivotal role in cleansing your aura and living spaces.

Each necklace is designed to align and balance the seven chakras, promoting mental, emotional, and physical health. The distinct layers of organic and inorganic materials within organite work effectively to transform negative energies into positive ones, purifying your surrounding magnetic field.

Moreover, this pendant stands as a shield against the pervasive waves of modern technology. It is believed to block detrimental EMF emissions from devices like smartphones and Wi-Fi routers, and it's touted for its potential to mitigate the effects of 5G and microwave radiation. Embrace the protection and peace that comes with our 7 Chakra Orgonite Necklace, and step into a life of enhanced clarity and vitality.

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"7 Chakra Orgonite Necklace for Natural Energy Healing & Purification"

SKU: 1005006114155454
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