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Julie Wooden
Diamond family

Today's accident disaster report, Tuesday 4-11-2023. Around 2:00 pm. in Richmond, Indiana a plastic recycling plant was ablaze. Six buildings full of plastic from “floor to ceiling, wall to wall” including several semi-trailers was burning out of control. It didn't take long before the fire jumped to other areas filled with piles of plastics. I believe the majority of people know how toxic plastics are, no doubt that the surrounding areas had to be evacuated. ‘It wasn’t if, it’s when;’ Owner of Richmond plastics facility cited multiple times prior to fire (

This article didn't even address the title of the article. If the owner of this plant was cited multiple times prior to the fire, what where the violations? And if it was multiple times, why was this plant not closed? Look to the sky, may I point out the chemtrails in this photo.


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