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Today's "accident" disaster report 3-21-2023. Although the "accident" happened on 2-28-2023, it looks as if "they" are finally doing something about it. Off the Philippines coast an oil tanker sunk and has been leaking unrefined oil about 210,000 gallons of it. From the report it stated that "they" finally found it and cleanup efforts are being done. How is this possible that "they" didn't know where the ship was and start cleanup right away? This is just another example that the US is not alone in having disastrous "accidents" that effects the complete ecosystem of this world. Sunken Philippine oil tanker found after 3 weeks as spill spreads | Environment News | Al Jazeera

How stupid do "they" think we are? Sounds like Revelation 8:9, is this the way a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed? What do you think? REVELATION CHAPTER 8 KJV (

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