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Cj Jordan
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I don't know exactly how many of you are ready and I really hope that I'm wrong. I saw that all of the government officials have been given satellite phones. Whether you believe that the world is flat or not. They are now setting up for an Invasion. The people coming through the Border are men and they are being trained. Why do you think that they have been releasing them throughout the US. Look up Jade Helm 15. Mastering the Human Race. Biden is not the real Biden. He is the false prophet. He's Obamas puppet. Be Ready and Vigilant. Get out of the cities. Pack up a bug out bag. Find a way to purchase fire arms. Confess your sins warn your family. Biden has already given the US over to the Chinese and The WHO. They are a government entity with China. Everything is a distraction. I really hope I'm wrong. My pain Dr is taking everyone's Meds. He's leaving he said that he was presented with a choice when I talked with him. As soon as he said that my heart fell into my stomach. Something is coming. Praise be to God.

Julie Wooden


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