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Julie Wooden
Diamond family

Has anyone noticed how MSN (Microsoft News) feeds won't let you see how many thumbs down are listed with their articles? As if that will somehow stop us from using that button. You can still use the button, and so I shall, and you as well if you believe, or should I say not believe the BS "they" try to shovel out there. Like this article about a respiratory illness among dogs. I even tried to post a more detailed comment that mysteriously won't load up on the feed. This is what I tried to post. "Maybe if "they" stop Chem-trailing our skies with poison, the dogs, cats, and the rest of the animal kingdom wouldn't get these respiratory illnesses, along with us. "They" know exactly what "they" are doing, and why "they" are doing it. "They" are not fooling any of us who are truly awake, and for those who don't know better wake up in a hurry, otherwise you might as well take the mark of the beast now." Here is that article... Dogs are coming down with an unusual respiratory illness in several US states ( A Mystery Fatal Dog Illness my ass. I feel that the effects of these poisons that are being put in/and sprayed in every aspect of our lives hurt ALL living things, and why I feel that dogs should have their feet washed before coming back into the house, and take more baths, not only for their well-being, but our own. It is getting to the point where we need to follow a CDC decontaminating protocol before entering our homes. What do you think?

This is what makes my blood boil.

Christine Reoch


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