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Tommy and Doe nut yall be safe! Love what you and Tommy and all others , but I find it strange that a (fire) happens In Maui where you were just a short time ago than a train derails near Tommy and something happened in Jacob area Making the air hard to breathe and skies orange , js I don't trust them and yall happened to be in these same states that these events take place 😢 I have a friend in Hawaii about 250 miles west of Maui and she said it was a volcano lava that rolled through Maui destroying everything, so said phones towers were down but yet on a news station 2 guys said they called the police and said they were scared and didn't know what to do so the police told them to jump off seawall into water to get from fire 🤔 but yet the phone towers were down don't make since at all but I was told it was lava that rolled through. But you guys stay safe you Tommy Jacob and Christopher it's strange this all happened it states that you all that is spreading the truth that all this is happening near you all don't have to tell yall where I'm going with this, how can a phone give you directions and exact time of arrival but yet can warn people of a volcano about to erupt 😢🙏🙏


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