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+4 "Joe Biden Impeachment" = 171 (Ordinal) 99 (Reverse Reduction) 171 is 17 forward and backward and "Antichrist Obama" = 99 (Reverse Reduction) 44 (Chaldean) "Hunter Biden" = 44 (Chaldean) "Covid jab" = 66 (Ordinal) the inverted 99. 9 is 6 and 6 is 9. "Kill" = 44 (Ordinal) 17 (Reduction) 64 (Reverse) "Joe Biden" = 64 (Ordinal) 37 (Reduction) 44 (Reverse Reduction) "Wednesday" = 37 (Reduction) 44 (Reverse Reduction) "Baphomet" = 37 (Reverse Reduction) and "Barack Hussein Obama" = 64 (Reduction) "The Antichrist" = 64 (Reduction) 1×44=44 and "Representative James Comer" = 144 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Jesuit Order" = 144 (Ordinal) "Antichrist Barack Obama" = 144 (Reverse Reduction) "Impeachment" = 107 (Ordinal) 53 (Reduction) 55 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Mind Flayer" = 107 (Ordinal) 53 (Reduction) 55 (Reverse Reduction) and the new vampire virus they're taking about is called Mind Flayer.. and mini flayer. 107 is 17 in numerology... like kill....1+7=8... notice below, chairman of the House Oversight Committee is 181 the 8 is between the 1s so the 8 is in between the pillars of Solomon. 8 is heavily used in manifestation Magik. Biden being killed would manifest what looks to be the rise of the Antichrist by the numbers. Or this so far is my interpretation of what I'm looking at. "signed subpoenas" = 170 (Ordinal) "his brother James" = 170 (Ordinal) 71 (Reduction) 71 is the reflection of 17 which 17 is this Kill code floating around. Highly connected to Biden impeachment articles. Talking about mind flayers this 71 here is connected to Stranger Things 4 it came out in 7/1 and 4 is death card in tarot. So there's that also. Could old Joe going to be took out on world stage by the mind flayer. "Satan" = 55 (Ordinal) 35 (Reverse Reduction) "Baphomet" = 35 (Reduction) 35 is the reflection of 53... Baphomet is big in Sacrifice. "Vampires" = 30 (Chaldean) The Mindflayer is the new vampire virus. Interesting because, Vampires is a match to Joe Biden. "Joe Biden" = 30 (Chaldean) and "Democrat" = 30 (Chaldean) ironic because, I've always looked at democrats as Vampires and Republicans as Jesuit Freemasons like, "Rob Walker" = 30 (Chaldean) and this is Hunter's business associate. What's crazier is, "Covid jab" = 30 (Reduction) and I believe the Vampires are in the jibbey jabber. Biden has had like 5 of them. So I can kinda see this building up to a possible death of Biden. "Hamas" = 30 (Reverse Reduction) and all that is popping off over there with them and all that is connected to Biden going down too, numerically. All the moves Biden makes with Israel is connected to Obama aswell. Date durations and Gematria.. like everything with this Impeachment process is connected to Obama and like the Israel situation both are connected to the death or removal of Biden. "chairman of the House Oversight Committee" = 181 (Reduction) 181 is 18 forward and backward. "Barack Hussein Obama II" = 181 (Ordinal) Like, "IHS" = 18 (Reduction) 18 (Reverse Reduction) "Barack" = 18 (Reduction) 6+6+6=18 "signed subpoenas" = 82 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Barack Hussein Obama II" = 82 (Reduction) "President Joe Bidens son" = 97 (Reduction) "Death" = 97 (Reverse) "Poseidon" = 97 (Ordinal) people were sacrificed to this guy by having their face eaten off by a squid after being drugged and partially sedated so they wouldn't fight back..which I interpret as being a Kathulu type thing which is like the mind flayer from stranger things which is what this vampire virus is called that just came out. I posted a Decode on the mind flayer also. 😒 🤔 The reflection is 79 like, "Murder" = 79 (Ordinal) "Hunter" = 86 (Ordinal) like, "Jesuits" = 86 (Reverse) Hunter might have worked a deal to stay out of trouble. But, daddy has to be Sacrificed first. 😒 🤔 the reflection is 68 like, "Barack Obama" = 68 (Ordinal) so it makes sense numerically. Well I don't think it's hard to see what thus Biden impeachment is connected to...


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