top of page "Israel war" = 43 (Reduction) "Leaders of Iran and Saudi Arabia" = 115 (Reduction) "Lucifer" = 74 (Ordinal) 115 (Reverse) 43 (Reverse Reduction) "The final solution" = 74 (Reduction) "The Planet Jupiter" = 74 (Reduction) 232 (Reverse) according to Albert Pike, Jupiter is the Morning Star. "Leaders of Iran and Saudi Arabia" = 232 (Ordinal) "The final solution" = 232 (Reverse) "Agenda twenty one" = 65 (Reduction) 232 (Reverse) "Nuclear Warfare" = 65 (Reduction) 232 (Reverse) "Israel war" = 65 (Reverse Reduction).. "Two hundred fifty one" = 232 (Ordinal) and "Ritual sacrifice" = 251 (Reverse) "Falling angels" = 232 (Reverse) "pledging united support" = 106 (Reverse Reduction) "Israel war" = 106 (Ordinal) "for the first time ever" = 106 (Reduction) 106 is 16 in numerology like, "NWO" = 16 (Reduction) 1+6=7 and 70 is 7 in numerology like, "For Palestinians" = 70 (Reduction) "Vatican" = 70 (Ordinal) "talked on the phone" = 70 (Reverse Reduction) "Palestinians" = 77 (Reverse Reduction) "United States" = 77 (Reverse Reduction) "Support" = 64 (Reverse) "The Antichrist" = 64 (Reduction) "Barack Hussein Obama" = 64 (Reduction) "United support" = 63 (Reduction) 153 (Reverse) "Antichrist Obama" = 153 (Ordinal) 63 (Reduction) This concludes the headline... now in going a little deeper. This next section is the first paragraph of the article. But to recap the headline. It looks by the numbers that the United States is supporting Palestine 🇵🇸 at the orders of Israel 🇮🇱. Or to be more specific the Vatican Jesuit Order to bring Antichrist Obama on the stage. Palestinians are being offered up as a ritual Sacrifice. 2032 is 232 in numerology and 2032 would be that 42 months or 3.5 years the beast rules. "Barack Obama" = 229 (Reverse) 2029 to 2032 is 4 years but something tells me that just as 42 months is up on Obama being back in control shit is going to hit the fan. (First paragraph start) "Saudi Crown Prince" = 84 (Reduction) "The Jesuit Order" = 84 (Reverse Reduction) 8×4=32 like, "Obama" = 32 (Ordinal) "Mohammed bin Salman" = 67 (Reduction) "Human Sacrifice" = 67 (Reduction) The reflection of 67 is 76 like, "Barack Obama" = 32 (Reduction) 76 (Reverse Reduction) "Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi" = 153 (Reduction) "Antichrist Obama" = 153 (Ordinal) "talked on the phone" = 74 (Reduction) "Lucifer" = 74 (Ordinal) this concludes the first paragraph. My interpretation of how the numbers fall is that this crown prince dude might be a human sacrifice by the Jesuit Order. Many thinks this guy is the Antichrist but the numbers are still showing that it's Barack Obama. Whom, could broker a peace deal after this dude is killed by Israel 🇮🇱 for supporting the Palestinians or that is how they'll spin it. The Jesuit Order is funding both sides and I think the Palestinians are being funded by proxy through the US by the Jesuits. This whole thing is happening to bring in Armageddon and to bring forth the Antichrist.

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