top of page "US Deploys" = 37 (Reduction) 44 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Joe Biden" = 64 (Ordinal) 37 (Reduction) 44 (Reverse Reduction) and "Netanyahu" = 37 (Reduction) 44 (Reverse Reduction) "Israel" = 64 (Ordinal) 44 (Reverse Reduction) "Lloyd Austin" = 44 (Reduction) 64 (Reverse Reduction) "Kill" = 44 (Ordinal) 64 (Reverse) The reflection of 37 is 73 like, "US Deploys THAAD System" = 73 (Reduction) "The U S" = 73 (Ordinal) "Ritual Sacrifice" = 73 (Reduction) so it's definitely shaping up for a mass amount of ritual death. Also, "Ritual Sacrifice" = 251 (Reverse) the reflection is 152 like, "Joe Biden" = 152 (Reverse) so Biden is the reflection of ritual sacrifice 😒 🤔 be on the look out for that. "undisclosed locations" = 307 (Reverse) which is 37 in numerology. 7×3=21 like, "Amid Recent Escalations" = 210 (Ordinal) 84 (Reduction) and 210 is 21 in numerology like, "Jesuit" = 84 (Ordinal) 21 (Reduction) Also, "US Deploys" = 136 (Ordinal) 1×36=36 like, "THAAD System" = 36 (Reduction) 6×6=36 and "Strike Group" = 66 (Reverse Reduction) "Iran" = 66 (Reverse) 30 (Reverse Reduction) and "Hamas" = 30 (Reverse Reduction) "recent escalations" = 66 (Reduction) 105 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Masonry" = 105 (Ordinal) 33 (Reduction) and "Thirty three" = 66 (Reduction) "USS Dwight D Eisenhower" = 105 (Reverse Reduction) this shop was ordered to deploy according to article. It's said in a report from Hamas in I want to say it was like 1988 or something like that, that Hamas has infiltrated these organizations like the freemasons, rotary club, and others. That Hamas is funneled money through. 💰 the news article talking about it is posted in my group in Truth Media. It's even more curious that this was in a Hamas memo in 88 because 8+8=16 connecting it to the NWO and the THAAD strike group. "the defense secretary" = 88 (Reduction) referring to Lloyd Austin. "THAAD" = 34 (Ordinal) 16 (Reduction) like, "Biden" = 34 (Ordinal) and "NWO" = 16 (Reduction) so pretty much the US is the NWO and that's whose supplying THAAD. "Patriot missile battalions" = 161 (Reverse Reduction) 161 is 16 forward and backward. The patriot is a US states missile defense system again proving the US is the NWO. "Murder" = 34 (Reduction) also. So this is definitely shaping up to be a Murder ritual. On another note there were 212 hostages over there in Gaza. In 2012, Obama, who had previously demanded the resignation of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad, said that the use of chemical weapons by the Assad government would be crossing a red line and would entail U.S. military action. It's crazy its taking about bio weapons because, Netanyahu was talking to one of his people about the Jericho which im pretty sure is a neutron bomb which only kills people not buildings and a DNA bio weapon. Which would be a weapon that only kills Arabs or whatever DNA they would target. Shit sounded crazy. 😒 🤔 and well well well, 2012 is 212 in numerology like, "Kamala Harris" = 212 (Reverse) from 2012 to 2024 is 12 years like, "Kamala" = 12 (Reduction) "Bashar al Assad" = 34 (Reduction) so even this dude is numerically connected to this all by the numbers. Like all the connections above and 3×4=12 like Kamala. The reflection of 12 is 21 like the connections above to 21. Evidently, there were 11 released there are still 201 according to another article I was reading. 201 is 21 in numerology. So Syria 🇸🇾 all ties into this thing aswell. 🙄 "USS Dwight D Eisenhower" = 102 (Reduction) which is the reflection of 201. "Art of War" = 102 (Ordinal) "NWO" = 11 (Reverse Reduction) "THAAD" = 101 (Reverse) and "Biden" = 101 (Reverse) "the defense secretary" = 101 (Reverse Reduction) 101 is 11 in numerology. "anti ballistic missile battery" = 110 (Reduction) 110 is 11 in numerology. "eastern Mediterranean" = 1001 (Standard) and 1001 is 11 in numerology. 😒 🤔 then, the 201 that's connected to the Jesuit Order, "The Jesuit Order" = 201 (Reverse) "Iran and its proxies" = 109 (Reverse Reduction) "Saturday" = 109 (Ordinal) the statement was put out in Saturday. "Central Command area" = 109 (Reverse Reduction) 109 is 19 in numerology and "Chaos" = 19 (Reduction) The reflection is 91 like, "Israel and Hamas" = 91 (Reverse Reduction) and the Noahide was signed by Bush in the 102nd congress. This thing had Noahide written all over it. "USS Gerald R Ford" = 68 (Reduction) and its waiting on the Eisenhower. "The freemasons" = 68 (Reverse Reduction) "Ukraine War" = 68 (Reverse Reduction) and one of the reasons the strike group is moving closer in the eastern Mediterranean is to get closer to Russia because the Ukraine War... "Antichrist" = 68 (Reverse Reduction) "as part of prudent contingency planning" = 167 (Reduction) 508 (Reverse) "East Palestine Ohio Train Derailment" = 508 (Reverse) so here's the train derailment connection. It's ironic how it's East Palestine that had the train wreck and East Palestine is where the Rothschilds Israel sits right now 😒 🤔 coincidence I doubt it. "Superior General of the Society of Jesus" = 167 (Reduction) this guy here get the take on every War before we go. Our leaders are at the Vatican getting the blessings of this dude, the black pope before every War to kill thousands innocent or not. It won't be long now guys.

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