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Julie Wooden
Diamond family

As I was watching/reading one of the "Alien News," at the end of the video I clicked on to a movie called "Delete." It is a 2013 movie about an Ai cyber-attack. You can watch it on YouTube, or you can watch it through Tubi. I watched pt. 1 and 2 through Tubi on my TV set to be more comfortable. Plenty to breakdown here by the numbers and symbolism. Good movie to watch... 1st link is to the video from "Alien News" and the 2nd link is to the movie "Delete." Pentagon Insider Reveals: "Anunnaki Are Returning to Earth" (video) - Alien News (

2013 movie- "Delete." Delete | Part 1 of 2 | FULL MOVIE | 2013 | SciFi, Action - YouTube


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