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Julie Wooden
Diamond family

I've watched others in the past give their opinions on the "I Pet Goat" videos, but it would be nice to see full decodes on them (part 1 thru 5). Part 4 and 5 were not mentioned on the latest livestream, so in case anyone didn't get a chance to see them, here are the links to them. I Pet Goat 4. I Pet Goat 4 - Seymour Studios (I Pet Goat IV) - YouTube I Pet Goat 5. I Pet Goat 5 by - Seymour Studios | I, PET GOAT V - Bing video

I noticed when double checking the link for, I Pet Goat 4, it took you to the end of it; just hit the back button or be really quick at rewinding to watch it. I Pet Goat 5 link was fine, enjoy the videos.



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