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"Leave the world behind" = 321 (Reverse)

"President of the United States" = 321 (Ordinal)

"Building back better" = 321 (Reverse)

"Second Coming of Christ" = 321 (Reverse)

"Mecca Saudi Arabia" = 321 (Reverse) there's rumors stirring that Obama is brokering deals with Saudi and Israel. The antichrist is supposed to bring peace to the Middle East..

"President Biden was shot and killed" = 321 (Ordinal) figured on this for minute.

"Messianic destruction ritual" = 321 (Ordinal)

"Former President Biden" = 321 (Reverse) so it looks like Biden is history by 2024

"Two twenty four" = 225 (Ordinal) 2024 is 224 in numerology and

"First Female President" = 224 (Ordinal)

"Two hundred and twenty five" = 321 (Reverse) and

"The Great Tribulation" = 225 (Ordinal)

2025 is 225 in numerology.. so I wonder if if the Great Tribulation will be an alien Invasion that Obama brokers a peace deal for. Building back better is bbb or 666 and B is the 2nd letter so, 222 like,

"The Antichrist Barack Obama" = 222 (Ordinal) and the connection to the Second Coming of Christ kinda seals it for me..

"Higher ground productions" = 333 (Reverse)

"President of United States" = 333 (Reverse)

"Revelation Chapter Nine" = 333 (Reverse)

"Tubal Cain magic spell" = 333 (Reverse)

"Galactic Federation" = 333 (Reverse)

"Two thousand and twenty three" = 333 (Reverse) which is this year. Wonder if blue beam will be this year. 🤔 time will tell.


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