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Public·1473 Truth seekers. "Iran wanted Saudi Arabia to drop Israel" = 149 (Reduction) "Antichrist" = 149 (Reverse) "Revelation" = 149 (Reverse) so here we are going to have what looks like another Antichrist confirmation. "but failed miserably" = 76 (Reduction) 113 (Reverse Reduction) "Barack Obama" = 76 (Reverse Reduction) 10/13 is 113 in numerology. It's looking like Obama is in control. This move probably didn't happen because, he hasn't called the shot yet. 11×3=33 and "Thirty three" = 66 (Reduction) and "Iran" = 66 (Reverse) "its war on Israel" = 66 (Reduction) "Number of the beast" = 66 (Reduction) "Saudi Arabia" = 41 (Reduction) The reflection is 14.. "Thirty three" = 141 (Reverse) which is 14 forward and backward... "Obama" = 14 (Reduction) and again here it looks like this call on the phone was being brokered by Obama. Atleast by the numbers. "At first glance" = 216 (Reverse) 6×6×6=216 and "Barack" = 216 (Sumerian) and Barack was born on the 216th day of the year. Here it looks "at first glance" like the s Saudi Prince is the Antichrist. But it suggests that Obama is in control of everything as the puppeteer. "Thursday's first ever phone call" = 152 (Reverse Reduction) "Joe Biden" = 64 (Ordinal) 152 (Reverse) 44 (Reverse Reduction) "Israel" = 64 (Ordinal) 44 (Reverse Reduction) "The Antichrist" = 64 (Reduction) "Barack Hussein Obama" = 64 (Reduction) "two predominantly Muslim nations" = 164 (Reverse Reduction) 1×64=64... "are coming together to support Hamas" = 164 (Reverse Reduction) "Four four" = 48 (Reduction) The reflection is 84 like, Barack Obama was number 44 "Saudi Crown Prince" = 84 (Reduction) "The Jesuit Order" = 84 (Reverse Reduction) here it shows by the numbers that "Thursday"s First Ever Phone Call" was between Iranian President and The Saudi Crown Prince. Well it looks like through Biden Obama was pulling strings. The Saudi Prince appears to be with the Jesuit Order. "Iranian President" = 86 (Reduction) 103 (Reverse Reduction) "Jesuits" = 103 (Ordinal) 86 (Reverse) the Iranian President appears to be a Jesuit or be with the Jesuits also. "Ebrahim Raisi" = 86 (Reverse Reduction) "Mohammad bin Salman" = 153 (Ordinal) 63 (Reduction) 306 (Reverse) 99 (Reverse Reduction) "Antichrist Obama" = 153 (Ordinal) 63 (Reduction) 252 (Reverse) 99 (Reverse Reduction) 306 is 36 in numerology like, "Barack" = 36 (Ordinal) "Two five two" = 49 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Antichrist" = 49 (Reduction) and "Revelation" = 49 (Reduction).... the Crown princes name is a match in 3 out of the 4 base ciphers to Obama and the Reverse cipher that doesn't match even comes back to Obama and the Antichrist. Definitely an Antichrist confirmation. Obama is all over this thing by the numbers.

Julie Wooden


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