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Each day I go over the world map for earthquake activity. Earthquakes occur every day and has since the dawn of time. Even though I didn't post a report on the Morocco earthquake due to a busy day, it has been by far the one with the highest death toll (more than a couple thousand.) Most likely due to the construction of the buildings. 6.8 magnitude is pretty high, and their aftershocks are in the 3. something range; making it hard for recovery efforts. The highest magnitude today (Sun. 9/10/2023) is in Palu, Indonesia at 6.0 magnitude. Here is an update report. Morocco earthquake live updates: Aftershock rocks rescuers as death toll surpasses 2,000 (

Yes, the earthquake activity has been revved up in the past couple of years and will continue to do so. I've been keeping a close eye on the US, and even though there are a lot of tiny quakes, there are more popping up all over and across the country. Yellowstone has seen some small ones and even Indiana. The thing is we all need to keep an eye on earthquake activity to prepare ourselves.


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