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Decoading The Venture bros.

The Venture Bros is adult swims Oldest running show, the pilot premiered Fed 16 2003, and the series premiered Aug 7 2004. The show ran for 7 seasons (number of completion) and was canceled last year when the Disney buy outs began. Through out the course of those 7 seasons viewers were treated to many hidden messages from cloneing, high ranking professionals abusing child, shadow government, the OSI (in show means office of secret intelligence) different factions of government all hidden from the general population, super science, necromancy, and so much more. The premise was poking fun at the classic Hanna Barbera cartoons like Johnny Quest (Who is an adult character in show named Action Johnny). The show started out highly campy then started the shift into more drama in late season 1 carried on throughout the shows run. Doc Venture (main protag) his bodyguard from the osi Broke Samson, and sons Hank and Dean go on adventures in the realms of super science, the "villain" in the series is named The Monarch and his Girlfriend (Dr Girlfriend) who just so happens to have a very deep and manly voice (gender blurring). In the beginning there are mainly call backs to Cult classic films , TV shows, and a lot from the 80s underground music scene. You the viewer, dont really get a good glimpse at things until the season 1 finale when Hank and Dean die. The start of season 2 is Doc going on a bender of self discovery, we find out in the same episode that Hank and Dean are clones, and Doc has been cloning them for years. He has tanks of clone slugs of the boys, and they are unaware of it. This comes to light when he is explaining things to Dr Orpheus (necromancer/ dr strange ref), who is confused and concerned for the boys mortal souls. Dr himself says that science can explain away any from of spiritual mumbo jumbo and that a soul is nothing more than brain synopsis and that electricity can produce the same results. So when I say it's a series worth decoding I truly mean it. I'm going to try my very best into making a season by season post breaking down of major highlight points. I've never done a decode or even a post of this length so please bear with me I want to share the knowledge I have, even if it's a bit rough. So thank you so much for reading I'm going to be working on breaking down this and maybe other shows from the Classic adult swim era. I want to shine light on areas that were kept in the dark. Thank you all again with so much love Cosmic💖


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