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Julie Wooden
Diamond family

An OceanGate Expeditions submarine has gone missing on Monday. This is a submarine that takes tourists out to see the Titanic shipwreck at a mere $250,000 per person for an eight-day expedition. The article said it don't know if there were any tourist on board, but the coastguards focus is searching for the crewmembers and their families. This is a terrible report; first off there should be a manifest of who's on board. Secondly at a price tag of a quarter of a million dollars, don't you think they would have passengers? Is this even real? It only makes sense that the coastguard would take the subs travel route and use their high tek equipment to find it. What do you think? A submarine taking tourists to the Titanic shipwreck has gone missing and the Coast Guard is searching for its crew (


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