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Public·1471 Truth seekers. "Vladimir Putin's Death" = 225 (Ordinal) 90 (Reduction) 288 (Reverse) 117 (Reverse Reduction) "The Great Tribulation" = 225 (Ordinal) 90 (Reduction) 288 (Reverse) 117 (Reverse Reduction) its crazy how Vladimir Putin's Death is a match to The Great Tribulation. It days Putin's Death is imminent but, by the numbers it looks more like Biden's death is imminent. "Imminent" = 43 (Reduction) "Killing" = 43 (Reverse Reduction) this is the imminent killing of Biden in my opinion. "His death" = 43 (Reverse Reduction) "Murdered" = 43 (Reduction) The cause of death is murder. The reflection is 34 like, "Biden" = 34 (Ordinal) "Murder" = 34 (Reduction) they might be going to try to take Putin out. But it's looking like Biden by the numbers because, Putin going out looks like mind control. 🤔 King of the North symbolism. Daniel 11. 7+4=11 and "Moscow" = 74 (Reverse) "Imminent" = 47 (Reverse Reduction) reflections of each other. "His death" = 74 (Ordinal) and it says, "his death" is Imminent. "Daniel 11" = 47 (Reverse Reduction) "Murdered" = 47 (Reverse Reduction) "Scrambles" = 29 (Reduction) "Moscow" = 29 (Reverse Reduction) "NWO" = 29 (Reverse) "Biden" = 29 (Reverse Reduction) everything is bring orchestrated by the NWO right down to the possible Biden death by the numbers. According to Daniel 11 the king of the north is the Antichrist. "Find a Successor" = 156 (Ordinal) 222 (Reverse) "The Antichrist Barack Obama" = 222 (Ordinal) 156 (Reverse Reduction) that is a pretty big coincidence if it is a coincidence for The Antichrist Barack Obama to match in 2 out of the 4 base ciphers with find a successor. Also, "Terminally Ill" = 63 (Reduction) 81 (Reverse Reduction) and "Antichrist Obama" = 63 (Reduction) 99 (Reverse Reduction) 9×9=81 and 6×3=18 the reflection is 81 and "Mark of the beast" = 81 (Reverse Reduction) so there is all this. If Putin dies mysteriously, I wonder if took the jabber. 😒 🤔 "Russian Leader" = 56 (Reduction) 88 (Reverse Reduction) "Vladimir" = 88 (Ordinal) 56 (Reverse Reduction) "Moscow" = 88 (Ordinal) "Mind control" = 56 (Reduction).... so now that I'm through the headline. I interpret this to be a mind control ritual. I don't know if Putin's really sick is what I mean. "Daniel 11" = 56 (Ordinal) and it speaks of the king of the north being the final Antichrist. The King of the North. So they might be going to stage a Putin death. To bring in the king of the north. Daniel 11 is the chapter and there are allegedly 11 hostages that are Americans. I think Obama is three AC because, because, the numerical matches are insane. But time will tell. "the Kremlin" = 56 (Reverse Reduction) in my opinion all this is connected to the Hamas attack. 5×6=30 like, "Hamas" = 30 (Reverse Reduction) "King of the North" = 80 (Reduction) 64 (Reverse Reduction) "The Antichrist" = 64 (Reduction) 80 (Reverse Reduction) "Barack Hussein Obama" = 64 (Reduction) "Denali" = 36 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Barack" = 36 (Ordinal) 666 is the 36th triangular. Denali means king of the north and Obama changed the name of Mount McKinley to Denali. Vladimir Putin is “terminally ill” and his death is “imminent” as the Kremlin struggles to find a successor for the Russian leader, has learned. (This is the first paragraph from the article.) "imminent" = 97 (Ordinal) "death" = 97 (Reverse) "secret from the world" = 97 (Reverse Reduction) they are trying to keep his allegedly imminent death a secret from the world. I think Murder is what they are trying to keep secret from everyone. 9×7=63 which is the reflection of 36. 97 is the reflection of 79 like, "Murder" = 79 (Ordinal) so this Murder may set the antichrist up to take the stage. But, like I said before I don't think it's going to be Putin. I think Biden is going to die though. "the Kremlin" = 52 (Reduction) "NWO" = 52 (Ordinal) "struggles" = 52 (Reverse Reduction) "Gog" = 52 (Reverse) like, Gog and Magog from the Bible. Gog and Magog are using the ground work for the Antichrist's beast system. Like, the new world currency which the majority of the world is going with BRICS. So, I think a digital BRICS dollar like the digital yuan will take over under the new king of the world. Or America could come out with a new CBDC that the whole world uses. The BRICS model at the moment is looking more likely though. "a successor" = 33 (Reduction) 66 (Reverse Reduction) 33+66=99 and 66 inverted is 99 "Radar online" = 111 (Ordinal) and "One one one" = 33 (Reverse Reduction) and "Thirty three" = 156 (Ordinal) 66 (Reduction) "The Antichrist Barack Obama" = 156 (Reverse Reduction) like, "Antichrist Obama" = 99 (Reverse Reduction) The successor for the king of the north is really looking like Antichrist Barack Obama. More and more. "RadarOnline com" = 83 (Reverse Reduction) The reflection is 38. Like, "Murder" = 83 (Reverse) 38 (Reverse Reduction) "struggles" = 38 (Reduction) "death" = 38 (Ordinal) "His death" = 38 (Reduction) "Lucifer" = 38 (Reduction) In the latest development to come after months of rumors and reports that Putin, 71, was battling several different conditions and diseases , a Russian Telegram channel claimed that the leader’s death is “imminent.”(second paragraph from article) "In the latest development to come" = 119 (Reduction) "imminent" = 119 (Reverse) 11×9=99 and 9×9=81 "rumors and reports" = 81 (Reduction) 99 (Reverse Reduction) "Mark of the beast" = 81 (Reverse Reduction) and like above, "Antichrist Obama" = 99 (Reverse Reduction) The rising of the Antichrist is what's imminent, and "Jupiter" = 99 (Ordinal) and according to Albert Pike Jupiter is the Morning Star. "diseases" = 81 (Ordinal) "the leader s death" = 63 (Reduction) 81 (Reverse Reduction) "Antichrist Obama" = 63 (Reduction) "The Telegram channel" = 81 (Reduction) "after months" = 59 (Reverse Reduction) "Revelation" = 59 (Reverse Reduction) "The Vatican" = 59 (Reverse Reduction) "conditions" = 122 (Ordinal) "Pope Francis" = 122 (Ordinal) 59 (Reduction) The False Prophet.... "Russian Telegram channel" = 95 (Reduction) The reflection of 59... "General SVR" = 59 (Reverse Reduction) "fussing" = 95 (Ordinal) According to General SVR , Putin’s inner circle is “fussing” about who should be named the Russian despot’s successor.(Third paragraph from article) "Putin's inner circle" = 250 (Reverse) "Buckle up buttercups" = 250 (Reverse) 250 is 25 in numerology like the year 2025... "who should be named" = 74 (Reverse Reduction) "Lucifer" = 74 (Ordinal) "Two hundred and twenty five" = 321 (Reverse) 2025 could be the countdown to the Antichrist, and "Vladimir Putins Death" = 225 (Ordinal) "Two hundred and twenty nine" = 321 (Reverse) and "Barack Obama" = 229 (Reverse) this is when I think Obama will be back as the 8th king. "Crucifixion of Christ" = 229 (Ordinal) so Barack Obama equals the murder of Christ. 😒 🤔 😒 "Fall of Babylon" = 228 (Reverse) 2028 is 228 in numerology the year before I think Obama comes back. If Obama comes back in 2029 as the Antichrist he would have solutions to the Fall of Babylon. Aka America. So Babylon falls in 228 and Obama comes back with answers in 229. Lines up pretty good. Then this would go over into the final countdown. "Russian despot's successor" = 321 (Ordinal) this is like the countdown 321 boom 💥. Obama's new movie, "Leave the World Behind" about the Apocalypse. It's interesting because, "Leave the world behind" = 321 (Reverse) sounding alot like the Rapture event. 😒 🤔 "Building back better" = 321 (Reverse) bbb is 666 and BBB is 222. Like, "The Antichrist Barack Obama" = 222 (Ordinal) will bring peace to Middle East. "Mecca Saudi Arabia" = 321 (Reverse) the Middle Eastern capitol for religion. The kaaba the cube. "President Biden was shot and killed" = 321 (Ordinal) "Messianic destruction ritual" = 321 (Ordinal) this is a destruction ritual for the false Messiah. Which I think is Obama by the numbers. "Former President Biden" = 321 (Reverse) so, it's looking like the final countdown to the Antichrist. Biden dead by the numbers is looking more likely than Putin dying. "Second Coming of Christ" = 321 (Reverse) which is what Obama is trying to do and be, the second Coming. The reflection is 123 like, "Crucifixion of Jesus Christ" = 123 (Reduction) Big time symbolism on death and rebirth. The Resurrection. Like, the Phoenix rises from the ashes. Obama will do the same I believe. Unfortunately. "Kamala" = 123 (Reverse) "Number of a man" = 123 (Ordinal) "Six hundred three score six" = 123 (Reduction) "Eighty eight" = 123 (Ordinal) "Russian" = 88 (Reverse) "Vladimir" = 88 (Ordinal) "Moscow" = 88 (Ordinal) "Murdered" = 88 (Ordinal) "Fall of Babylon" = 123 (Ordinal) "Dark winter" = 123 (Ordinal) "the ongoing war in Ukraine" = 123 (Reduction) and this ties right into the 4th paragraph. From the looks of everything it could be sooner then later. The Telegram channel also claimed that Moscow considered placing a body double in the Russian leader’s stead to keep Putin’s allegedly imminent death a secret from the world amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.(Fourth paragraph from the article) "A body double" = 56 (Reverse Reduction) "Vladimir" = 56 (Reverse Reduction) "Mind control" = 56 (Reduction) see this is why I say the Putin death is a mind control ritual. "the Russian leader's stead" = 85 (Reduction) The reflection is 58 like, "Pope Francis" = 58 (Reverse Reduction) "Freemasonry" = 58 (Reduction) "Putin's allegedly imminent death" = 128 (Reduction) "Murdered" = 128 (Reverse) they might take out Putin time will tell. It could be him and Biden. That dies soon. Putin is looking shot like mind control though. Biden is looking like he's getting removed though with all the Kamala connections.


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