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OK guys this clip from 2012 is pretty telling.

"Dead at 57" = 94 (Reverse Reduction)

"Alien" = 94 (Reverse) and Woody Harrelson started taking about spaceships.

"Pabst blue ribbon" = 94 (Reverse Reduction)The reflection of 94 is 49. Like,

"Kamala Harris" = 49 (Reduction) 212 (Reverse) 2012 is 212 in numerology.

"The dollar" = 49 (Reverse Reduction)

"He even sent me a map" = 77 (Reverse Reduction) 7×7=49

The newspaper clipping says dead at 57,

"The economy boom" = 57 (Reverse Reduction) is what Woody said.

"Boom boom boom" = 54 (Reduction) 54 (Reverse Reduction) like,

"Mark of the beast" = 54 (Reduction)

"No one could keep a secret that big" = 148 (Reverse Reduction)

"The Freemasons" = 148 (Ordinal) they are keeping the secret that is to big to keep.

"blow the whistle" = 64 (Reduction) The Antichrist and America being Sacrificed is what he's referring to somebody blowing the whistle on.

"Sacrifice" = 46 (Reduction) The reflection of 64... it's likely Biden will be Sacrificed.

"The Antichrist" = 64 (Reduction) they say Yellowstone erupts every 640,000 years.

"Joe Biden" = 64 (Ordinal) so I wonder if it'll go up while his term is in session.

"The Atlantis shuttle program" = 322 (Ordinal) like, skull and bones is 322..

The reflection is 223 like,

"Skull and Crossbones" = 223 (Ordinal)

"Joe Biden dies" = 223 (Reverse) and

"December thirty" = 223 (Reverse) 12/30 is 123 in numerology like,

"Kamala" = 123 (Reverse) the day after 12/30 is 12/31/23. 123123 is Kamala Kamala... Woody is talking about this right before Yellowstone explodes. So, I'm wondering if Yellowstone goes up after Kamala takes over. 🤔 It could also be after Trump comes back because, of all his connections to Baal.

"Trump" = 88 (Ordinal) 8×8=64 like,

"Trump is Lord Baal" = 64 (Reduction) is Revelation 9:11 Abbadon is Baal. It is describing Yellowstone abs what it would look like if it blew. The bottomless pit.

The ET/ fallen angels will come out of it according to scripture.

"Skull and Bones" = 41 (Reduction) like,

"Alien" = 41 (Ordinal) and its almost blue beam time. Or, maybe it'll be a real one 😆 🤣 but most likely it'll be blue beam.


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