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Julie Wooden
Diamond family

How sad it is when a pet passes away; even though livestock is not considered to be pets, it is still sad when tragedy strikes. When it comes to dairy cows the farmer spends a lot of time with them; they are not simply drove to one pasture to the next as the cattle raised for beef consumption. 32 cows died as they took shelter in the trees during a thunderstorm. Farmer Finds Pasture Empty, Sees All 32 Dead Cows In One Big Pile (

As I have written before; when I make my writings in red means red flags are going off. There didn't seem to be any signs of tree damage, nothing that tells me that lightning struck; and trust me when I say that I'm one of those people who are a lightning rod. I couldn't tell you how many times I escaped a lightning hit. I may be wrong, but something does not seem right. What do you think?


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