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Public·1474 Truth seekers. "Hezbollah Leader Blames United States for the war raging in Gaza" = 571 (Ordinal) "Speaker of the United States House of Representatives" = 571 (Ordinal) and the first thing he said after taking the gavel was, that he stands with Israel 🇮🇱... "Hezbollah Leader Blames United States for the war raging in Gaza" = 302 (Reverse Reduction) "Joseph Robinette Biden Junior" = 302 (Ordinal) I believe his death or retirement is Imminent. Like, by the end of December. 302 is 32 in numerology.. like, "Barack Obama" = 32 (Reduction) and this is the ring Leader of everything I think 🤔 "United States Must Pay The Price" = 373 (Reverse) "Satanic Ritual Sacrifice" = 373 (Reverse) "President Biden has died" = 373 (Reverse) if this happens like I think by the end of the year it'll be a Satanic Sacrifice no doubt. "Second American Civil War" = 373 (Reverse) I believe things will be done to start this up. The elites need is to kill each other because, we put number them so they have to divide us against each other also, "United States Must Pay The Price" = 356 (Ordinal) "East Palestine Ohio Train Derailment" = 356 (Ordinal) 😒 🤔 makes you wonder doesn't it... could it be Hezbollah that did it. If not in sure that is how they will spin it. They'll say they got in through the southern border and derailed trains. Could this be one if the ways America will pay....I think it's pretty phesible.

Janelle  So


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